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Our Products

Nutritional Supplements

Stocked products include but are not limited to:

  • BSN
  • Multipower
  • CNP
  • Bodyworks own brand

Bodyworks Gym Kitchen

We have an onsite chef catering for all your dietary needs, we serve breakfast, lunch, dinner and snakes, a small selection of our menu is listed below.

  • High Protein Pancakes
  • Grilled Chicken, Steaks & Fish
  • Rice, Pasta, Jacket Potatoes

Gym Sportswear

We stock our own branded range of sportswear, which includes:

  • Hoodies / sweatshirts
  • T-Shirts / Vests
  • Tracksuit bottoms

Call Us

If you need more information about the exact products we have in store call us in Tottenham, North London on 020 8808 6580 . Our team of expert personal trainers are always on hand to offer their advice to guide you down the right paths for the results you want. Fill in our contact form if you would like to make an enquiry.